The process for purchasing a Liberty Creek Australian Shepherd is as follows:

This is the purchase process for a Liberty Creek Australian Shepherd:

1) Read the introductions on this page.

We have taken many hours of "thoughtful" time to provide you with a wealth of information to answer almost all your questions on this one page. So please, if you are interested in a puppy, please take the time to read this entire page, you'll find that most of your questions will be addressed right here.  We love to talk about Aussie's and answer questions, however we ask that you read everything, and if you still have questions, we'd love the opportunity to clarify any questions or concerns!

2) Complete our Questionnaire.

We ask that every prospective home take the time to complete our questionnaire to allow us to get to know you better and to be sure our pups are being placed in good homes. Our enjoyment comes from knowing you and what your expectations and desires are so that we can better serve you.  We also want you to feel safe that you are working with upstanding and honest breeders, leading to our relationship with you becoming a part of our family.  We believe that with every new litter are born new friends! You will be asked to join the Liberty Creek Aussies puppy family page where you will be able to talk with other owners of pups from our kennel and follow your puppies litter mates. Please do not just send us an e-mail asking "how much for that pup?" or " is this pup still availiable"... You will receive a short response directing you back to this page.

3) Call us, or wait to hear if you are Approved.

Please do not send a deposit for a puppy without speaking to us first, or waiting to hear that you have been approved as a potential puppy home. After completing the Questionnaire, you are welcome to call and speak to us as well. We enjoy the opportunity to work together with you to find the best personality, color, and gender in a pup to suit your needs!

4) Choosing & Reserving your puppy.

If, after we review your application, you are approved as good home for a "Liberty Creek" puppy, we will contact you accordingly. Once you are approved, and you have decided on a puppy, let us know which pup you have decided on. As soon as we are notified you are sure about a puppy, we will consider it reserved for you, and it will be marked on the site as "Reservation Pending".

5) Send your Deposit.

A puppy will be held for you "Reservation Pending" for 5-7 days (normal mailing time) after you let us know you want it. If your deposit is not received within 10 days, the puppy will be made available again - NO EXCEPTIONS. We hope you understand that many families are out there looking for a new member, and we want to be sure all the pups are placed into their new homes in a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind when you put down a deposit before the puppy is born or on a current puppy that is found on our Available page, this means you have agreed to partner with us and allow us to work on your behalf to find the best fit for your family. If you are not 100% sure about working with Liberty Creek Aussies as your breeder, please do not commit. Deposits are Non-Refundable. Your deposit will always be usable on a litter at a later date on the agreed pricing at the time of deposit. Details on sending your deposit are provided further down on this Policies Page.

 6) Payment for your Puppy & Signed Contract.

  If you are purchasing a pup that us over 9 weeks and ready to go home, balance will be due immediately unless other arrangements are made.
  If you are purchasing a puppy that is under 9 weeks, the balance of payment will be due when the pup reaches 6 weeks of age.
  Your final payment must be sent with a printed and signed copy of the purchase agreement / guarantee provided on this page.
We Can Not ship the pups before Full Payment and Signed Agreement are received - for your protection, as well as ours.

7) Puppy Pickup up day.

Pups are available to go home at 9 weeks of age (unless we make the decision that an individual pup may need another week or two to mature before leaving).
Once your final payment and signed agreement are received, the excitement builds as we make reservations to have your new puppy shipped home to you, or arrangements to be picked up by you (which we really enjoy by the way).
If you purchase a dog/puppy but are not ready to have it sent home at its available date (unless the delay is by our decision) your Aussie will be boarded here unless other arrangements are made in advance. Our Boarding terms are provided below.

 8) Boarding.

Australian Shepherds are boarded at the rate of $10.00/day. Must be PAID in Full before allowed to leave if here past ready date.
Board will include feed, socialization, play-time, bathing, vaccinations, nail trims, routine vet visits, general care as needed. Buyer will be responsible for major veterinary expenses incurred while dog is being boarded. Specific additional training (leash training, basic obedience, etc) is available on request for an additional fee, and we're more than happy to get your pup started for you!

9) Training

If you want your puppy to go though basic training before you bring it home (for puppies 12 weeks or older) it is an additional cost of $80 for 8 weeks plus the cost of boarding and must be paid in advance before we will start the training.

Welcome to the home of Liberty Creek Australian Shepherds

We strive to produce healthy, mentally and physically sound aussies. Our aussies are part of our family first and for most. We enjoy taking them out in public and showing them off to the world. Please feel free to take a look around and feel free to ask any questions you may have. All pedigrees are available upon request. We have been having a hard time getting them to load properly on to the website.

Katie and the Pack



We are flattered that you are considering one of our pups. We want to know that you have contacted us after doing research into various breeders and have determined that we are the right breeder and breeding program for what you are seeking.

We plan our litters well in advance and often have a waiting list started months ahead of time. We ask that anyone interested in a Liberty Creek pup contact us by e-mail with an introduction (name, location, history, expectations for a puppy) and open up a conversation with us. From there we can both decide if our planned litter(s) will produce the type of puppy you are seeking.

We work hard to raise genetically and structurally sound puppies who are athletic, intelligent, biddable and make great competitors and family companions. By the time we place our puppies, they will have been started on leash breaking, house breaking, crate training,and recalls. They will have been wormed and vaccinated as appropriate for their age. Our puppies are raised indoors as part of our families and we expect that to continue into their new homes. If shedding bothers you, then this is not the right breed for you. If you intend to keep the dog as an outdoor dog, a kennel dog or crated for long hours after the pup is housebroken, then we are not the right breeders for you.

By getting a Liberty Creek puppy, you are accepting the lifelong responsibility and care for your dog as a member of your own family. Our puppies are special and deserve special homes. They will need training, attention and exercise every day. They must be taught how to behave, how to be good citizens and welcomed members in public places. This doesn't just happen by growing up, they require time and effort through substantial dedicated hours of training.

We register with AKC, ASCA, ASDR and/ or UKC we expect that all owners send in their puppies registration paper work. If you are unsure how to do so we will help you. You may also chose to give us a money order in the amount of the registration fees and we will send it in for you. Registering your dog is more than just proving your dog is pure breed and able to breed it tells the history of the breed and where we have been it also tells about the breeders. There are many programs for the breeders to be a part of but several require that all the puppies they produce be registered.

We are always happy to discuss our dogs and the breed with you, all you need to do is contact us. Please feel free to ask us any questions.

Please note that we are still building our site as our old one crashed so there is still a lot of missing information. If you see a mistake or a link not working please let us know.

Our email is

Our pricing starts as follows and goes up:


All deposits are HALF the purchase price.

Pet quality:

Puppies that are strictly pet quality and should not be breed will be priced accordingly

Show quality:

AKC only, ASCA only, ASDR only, or UKC only $900

AKC and ASCA registered $1000

AKC, ASCA, and ASDR registered $1100

AKC, ASCA, ASDR, and UKC registered $1200

We do not change our price based on coat color, eye color,or gender. We sell all of our puppies on contract.